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Looking to buy precious metals? We specialise in the acquisition and storage of physical assets including gold and silver.

Buy Precious Metals with Goldstar Global

At Goldstar Global we are wholesale bullion dealers specialising in the acquisition and safe storage of precious metals and other assets. We can source gold bullion, silver and other precious metals for our clients, enabling you to protect your wealth by investing in the assets that offer a good hedge against inflation.

We offer world-leading fully bespoke asset protection within the safest jurisdictions as well as lasting power of attorney relationships between these facilities and our clients. We can also source art, diamonds and other assets and provide secure storage for these.

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Live Prices

Gold: 1Kg Cast Bar 9999 - -
Gold: Wholesale AAU 10KG - -
Silver: 1Kg Cast Bar - -
Silver: Wholesale AAG 25,000 oz. - -

Why choose us?

  • All bullion purchased through Goldstar Global is fully allocated
  • The assets acquired for our clients are stored under individual custody and in open bonded warehouse conditions.
  • Our storage is located within Liechtenstein – the safest jurisdiction in the world. As a member of the EEA but not the EU, Liechtenstein has its own Financial Market Authority, is politically very stable and has no emergency laws that can be granted meaning your precious metals can be suddenly seized.
  • We can buy precious metals in any weights required, including multiple tonnes, and can help arrange secure and insured transport.
  • We offer full insurance through Marsh of London, which includes cover against embezzlement.
  • All reporting of your assets is done to the highest standard ensuring they remain fully bankable and can be returned to the banking system should you so wish.
Our Full Range of Services

Our Full Range of Services

As wholesale bullion dealers we offer a wide range of asset acquisition and storage services to suit our clients needs, including:

  • Purchase of gold, silver and other precious metals
  • Sourcing physical securities such as art and diamonds
  • Highly secure storage of precious metals and other assets
  • Safe and insured transportation of precious metals and other assets
  • Fully bespoke asset protection service
  • Insurance for your precious metals and other assets

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